Alice & David Bertizzolo

Pappus Lactés 3

Pappus Lactés - Alice et David Bertizzolo - Parcours des Faunes du Val Descreins dans le Vars, Hautes Alpes - France - Juillet 2016 - Installation complète

Parcours des Faunes 2016
Val d’Escreins, Vars, Hautes-Alpes, France.

11 giant dandelions illuminated at night by presence detector.

Elements: 11 poles of scots pine, plywood, LED spots 220 lm, solar collectors 1W, motion detectors, 2200 milk bottles in opaque white plastic, stoppers, screws, washers and bolts.
Size: 110 mx 20 mx 5 m high
Surface area: 2000 m²
Weight: 1500kg
Completion time: 200 hours

July 2016 / October 2019



Alice and David Bertizzolo, visual artists, studied architecture and philosophy. They are designers, directors, scenographers and photographers of their installations. Their creations are thought “in situ”, in harmony with architecture and landscape.