Alice & David Bertizzolo


Médusées - Alice et David Bertizzolo - Sentier es arts Cara Agglomération - Royan Charente Maritime France - Septembre 2015 - L'oeuvre monumentale terminée

Sentier des Arts 2015, “Regards Out of Season Around an Abbey”
Sablonceaux Community of Agglomeration Royan Atlantique,
Charente-Maritime, Poitou-Charente, France.

37 circles composed of plastic sandals forming the rose window of a cathedral stained glass window.

Elements: Triple twist wire mesh, annealed iron wire, white and black plastic clamps, metal chains, anchors, foam mat, 336 pairs of “jellyfish” sandals in glittery silver plated plastic, crystal, cobalt blue and gooseberry.
Dimension: 7.30 m in diameter
Weight: 130 kg
Completion time: 150 hours
Partnership: Humeau – Beaupréau
19 September / 1st November 2015



Alice and David Bertizzolo, visual artists, studied architecture and philosophy. They are designers, directors, scenographers and photographers of their installations. Their creations are thought “in situ”, in harmony with architecture and landscape.