Alice & David Bertizzolo

Et Cætera

Boscodon Abbey, Crots, Hautes-Alpes, France.

Suspension in the heart of the abbey, 20,000 origamis type “Dove of Peace”.

Elements: Metal angles, annealed iron wires, nylon threads, white paper 80 g.
Dimension: 20 m long, 8 m wide, 12 m high
Weight: 150kg
Production time: 2000 hours
Partnership: Bellicaud Location, SAS Andrety Gap, Printing Les Deux-Ponts, Fiducial, Rions de Soleil
Photo credit: Tiphaine Buccino

3 July to 16 October 2015

Et Caetera - Alice et David Bertizzolo - Abbaye de Boscodon - Crots - Haute Alpes - France - Juillet 2015 - Photo de Tiphaine Buccino



Alice and David Bertizzolo, visual artists, studied architecture and philosophy. They are designers, directors, scenographers and photographers of their installations. Their creations are thought “in situ”, in harmony with architecture and landscape.